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FastCompany book excerpt: 10 Steps to Leverage Online Networks

FastCompany has just published an excerpt of our book on the ten basic steps necessary to take full advantage of online networks. The excerpt is called Leveraging Your Links.Years ago, when I interned for Procter & Gamble, we were told to never write a memo longer than one page. This excerpt is [...continue reading]

South Asian, Chinese, Hispanic, French, and Russian Networks

In connection with research I did for my new book, The Virtual Handshake: Opening Doors and Closing Deals Online, I worked with a variety of coauthors to write survey pieces on the ways that different special-interest communities build business relationships.  I have posted these articles on [...continue reading]

Review of new software tools for managing your contact database

I recently had the chance to play with the latest versions of several software packages which I use heavily: Act! by Best Software; eGrabber by eGrabber Inc.; and Cardscan from Cardscan, Inc. Disclosure: these companies were kind enough to send me sample copies of their latest models. ACT! 2005 for [...continue reading]

Summary of "Never Eat Alone" book

Wharton student David Moradi has written up a summary of Keith Ferrazzi's book, Never Eat Alone: and other secrets to success, one relationship at a time. You can download his notes here: Reader's notes from NeverEatAlone. [...continue reading]

What Can We Learn from Network Marketing?

From my latest column with Scott Allen,What Can We Learn from Network Marketing?:Network marketing, or multi-level marketing, is one of the fastest-growing business models of the past few decades. Between 1993 and 2003, total direct selling revenues grew by 7.1% annually, [...continue reading]

The Keys to Building Trust

The Keys to Building TrustTrust can be hard to gain and easy to lose. In all matters of trust, actions always speak louder than words, says Stever Robbins. [...continue reading]

The Next Generation of Contact Management Software

For my new Fast Company column, my coauthor Scott Allen and I had a chance to have a conversation with Greg Head, ACT!'s former General Manager, about the need for increased privacy, interoperability, and personal responsibility as contact management and social networking software [...continue reading]

What Lovers Tell Us About Persuasion

HBS Working Knowledge: Leadership: What Lovers Tell Us About Persuasion [...continue reading]

How to turn a lunch into a sale

How to turn a lunch into a sale [...continue reading]

Contact management with your handheld

Following up on my earlier blog post on organizing your contact database, which I wrote as part of my research for my book, you may be interested in visiting my recent blog post on contact management for your handheld. [...continue reading]

More on the topic of how to find peoples' email addresses

Joe Bartling of responded to the last post about how to brainstorm the email address of someone you do not know in a company:"Using this is like carpetbombing leaflets without regard for the environment below, otherwise known as SP-MMING. I've found that a more effective way of [...continue reading]

Generate email addresses for people at a targeted company.

Alex Monty of Strategic Sourcing LLC has created a no-cost spreadsheet which generates all possible email addresses for a person, once you enter that person's full name and corporate URL. This is useful when you want to email someone but do not know his/her email address.Download here: [...continue reading]

Expectations from a new VP of Sales

From INTERNALMEMOS.COM, I enjoyed reading this memo from the new VP of sales at Cognizant: href="" mce_href=""> [...continue reading]

Burt Alimansky–Smart Networking

On March 9, I attended a talk on "Smart Networking?? by Burt Alimansky. Following are my notes. Burt gave his approval to distribute these notes. Smart Networking: How to Win New Clients, New Jobs, & New Friends - Burt Alimansky Harvard MBA '77, Managing Director, Alimansky Capital Group Inc.Mr. [...continue reading]

Be a Conference Commando

Be a Conference CommandoKeith Ferrazzi offers some tips on making the most of your time at this year's Inc. 500 event being held this week. His advice can help you make your time at the conference or any event really pay off. [...continue reading]

Jeff Meshel : "The Power in the Room"

(Following are my notes on Jeff Meshel's recent talk on "how to network") Jeff Meshel CEO, Mercury Capital at International Executives Resource Group (IERGOnline) 3/16/04 Three lines of business at Mercury Capital Bridge lender to real estate sector Buy & operate buildings Mercury [...continue reading]

Selling via email

Just found an old but useful article by Auren Hoffman on selling via email. . [...continue reading]