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Ripe For Disruption: The Asset Management Business

Joe Reilly, CEO of Circulus Group and a longtime contributor to Family Wealth Report, interviewed me to share views on disruption in asset management, my research into the field, and where the industry needs to be headed. Reilly: You’ve been co-leading a research project on innovation in the [...continue reading]

Interview with (Gated community for VCs) is a vibrant online community exclusively for VCs. The two founders, Clay Norris and Tyler Dean, interviewed me for their podcast. We discussed: How members of the community can work with Versatile VC Versatile’s unusual approach Diversity and VC Opportunities within the [...continue reading]

Interview on Revenue-Based Finance and Flexible VC

  Keith Harrington of Novel Growth Partners and Founder, Revenue-Based Finance Network, just posted the recording of an interview with me on revenue-based investing; flexible VC; and their future. Video [...continue reading]

ESG in Venture Capital: Interview with Blue Future Partners (VC Fund of Funds)

Blue Future Partners, a venture capital fund of funds, recently interviewed me on Environmental, social, and governance criteria ("ESG") in venture capital. You can read the full interview here. [...continue reading]

Family Office Association interview: VC and Disruption of the Investment Management Industry

Angelo Robles, CEO of the Family Office Association, just posted a video interview with me on "Venture Capital and Disruption of the Investment Management Industry". I've written more on the topic here. [...continue reading]

Interview with Harry Stebbings: How VCs Find Startups and How To Add Value Once Invested

Harry Stebbings posted an interview with me on "How VCs Find Startups and How To Add Value Once Invested", among other topics. This was his 95th interview on his 20 Minute VC podcast series. Listen here [...continue reading]

Startup Grind interview (with vertical pushup)

Last month I did an on-stage interview with Peter Crysdale of Startup Grind. You can read a summary at AlleyWatch. For fun, I did an on-stage vertical pushup at the end of the interview (skip to 44:00). [...continue reading]

Internet Radio Interview: Career Acceleration with Online Networks

Peter Clayton, Senior Producer of, just posted a 27-minute podcast interview with me on the show, focused on how to use online networks for career acceleration, and particularly the job search. You can download the interview here. is the first internet radio career show. To [...continue reading]