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ff Venture Capital profiled in Creative Workspaces Magazine

ff Venture Capital was recently profiled in The Roger, an online magazine that profiles creative workspaces. The feature, titled “Fitness Financed: Motion, Margin, Risk & Reward,” offers an inside look into ff VC’s 5,000 square-foot “fitness office”.The twelve-page spread has beautiful [...continue reading]

Personal Training in Your Hallways

Personal trainer Jake Koenig reached out to us to request to run a minimum viable product trial of his in-office fitness training service.  We’re always glad to help entrepreneurs, and we are a bit obsessed with making our fitness office even more effective, so more than half of our office [...continue reading]

Reinventing the Office: How to Lose Fat and Increase Productivity at Work

Fitness/life guru Tim Ferriss just posted my guest article on ff Venture Capital's approach to building a fitness office. (Thanks Tim!) I've attached below my original, much more detailed blog post about the details of how we've designed our office to help people stay healthy and be as productive as [...continue reading]

Ultimate Office for Fitness, Post #2—Photos and Coverage

We've received a very positive response to our post about creating a fitness-friendly office. Daily Burn posted some photos, and we thought some additional ones would be interesting. Our intern Matt Fairbank took the photos below. When visitors enter the office, the first thing they see is our [...continue reading]

The Ultimate Office for Athletes and People Seeking a Healthier Lifestyle

When Arnold Schwarzenegger first came to America and started becoming the world's most successful bodybuilder, he and fellow bodybuilder Franco Columbu worked during the day as bricklayers. Effectively, their work was their workout. Plus, of course, they hit the gym hard and heavy.Unfortunately, [...continue reading]

On Elevating Wrists

Via Mark Hurst of GoodExperience and GEL:Part of learning to type means learning how to position the arms and wrists. (See more on "learn to type!" here:) For years, to cut down on wrist pain, I've rested my forearms on a dictionary and a [...continue reading]

Body Hacks

Men's Health features a list of 14 body-hacks: ways to manipulate your body into doing things you didn't think it could do.12. Make your heart stand still!Trying to quell first-date jitters? Blow on your thumb. The vagus nerve, which governs heart rate, can be controlled through [...continue reading]

How to lose weight while working

From the New York Times, in an article on why and how active people burn so many calories than the inactive:At meetings, [Dr. Levine] stands instead of sitting. Talking on the telephone, he paces around. In his office he has a treadmill in place of a desk. ... "My computer is stationed over the [...continue reading]

Ergonomic keyboards and mice (continued)

Following up on my earlier research into ergonomic keyboards and mice: I recently purchased the Quill Mouse from ErgoDirect. This is a bizarre-looking mouse pointer --- it looks like a small white iron, and it costs $99. But it's [...continue reading]