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ff Venture Capital raises $27 million fund

We are excited to announce that as of November 30, ff Venture Capital closed on a $27 million fund, ff Silver. TechCrunch broke the news and Betabeat also covered it.

Our investment philosophy – part of what makes us successful – is our search for sustainable long-term growth areas. Our fund’s strategy is to look past the popular momentum and search for new areas of untapped growth potential. Keep an eye out for the next generation of great companies in the ff VC portfolio.

So far, ff Silver has invested in 23 companies, including Klout, ThinkNear, Livefyre, Voxy, and Kohort. ff Silver plans on investing in about 10 additional innovative companies in 2012, with the remainder of the fund used to invest in follow-on rounds from our prior investments.

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  1. Allen says

    The focus on sustainable long-term growth is key in VC. Here’s an interesting article on trends for 2012:

    It’s interesting that they are betting politics, pets and education to be the 3 big software spaces that will experience the growht in 2102.