How Versatile VC collaborates with other investors

In my meetings with family offices, VCs, and others, a frequent topic is how we collaborate with other investors. Here’s a summary of how we do that:

Other investors are frequently coinvestors/ followon investors in our portfolio. Join our AngelList Syndicate here.
– We’ve published extensive research on how to build an investment management firmWe particularly have developed many Fundraising hacks for VC and private equity funds, including our master databases of LPs interested in emerging VC managers.
We’re working with certain investors to publish their tech stack to our readers, which will help communicate to their LPs how they’re proactively positioning their firm for the future. See examples on our Tech Stacks page.
Many investors attend the events we run at, our community for family offices, PE/VC funds, and other investors in private companies using tech and analytics to generate alpha. There is no cost or obligation to join, and most of our events are complimentary.
Investors are using some of the technology companies we have invested in and/or have assessed.  We publish research regularly on how to use tech & analytics to enhance returns.
We’re very interested in other investors’ unmet tech and analytic needs. Our goal is to identify companies in which we may invest or incubate, via .
Fund portfolio companies recruiting new leaders may want to leverage members of, our community for tech founders in transition. (No cost.)
– We welcome other investors’ counsel on high-potential, early-stage startups.

Contact us if you have ideas on how we can work together.

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