Internet Radio Interview: Career Acceleration with Online Networks

Peter Clayton, Senior Producer of, just posted a 27-minute podcast interview with me on the show, focused on how to use online networks for career acceleration, and particularly the job search. You can download the interview is the first internet radio career show. To quote from their ‘about’ page:

“While just 3.4 million Americans subscribe to satellite radio, about 19 million listen to Internet radio each week, according to research firms Arbitron Inc. and Edison Media Research.”
Source: Wall Street Journal, December 13, 2004

“Internet radio is quietly emerging as a mass-market phenomenon that attracts tens of millions of consumers on a weekly basis. Mainstream radio advertisers and trackers of terrestrial radio airplay are starting to take note..”
Source: Billboard, June 26, 2004

In other words, regardless of your profession, internet radio is an increasingly important medium.

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