Managing the Online Identify of a Venture Capital/Private Equity Firm

Seth Levine has posted the slides from his portion of Thomson Reuters Buyouts recent webinar on "Boosting Returns with Web 2.0 Technology". Also, Buyouts magazine has posted a detailed summary of the panel. You can get a sense of my slides on the deal origination page of my site.

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  1. Yaser Anwar says

    Interesting presentation.

    Given the current trends dominating VC investing (primarily social investing/real-time data), I believe it’s imperative for VC firms to utilize those mediums. Plus, the VC business is quite different from the PE business in the sense VCs are on the lookout to fund the next Google/Facebook operating out of a garage. So, they have to be more open and approachable.

    As for Private Equity firms, I don’t think there is any meaningful upside to utilize those mediums, especially in this environment where their focus has shifted towards credit/distressed debt.