Never Leave the Playground, part 2

I blogged some time ago a PBS video featuring Stephen Jepson, who is more agile than you are…and at age 72, he’s probably older than you too.

I love (and share) his philosophy of active living and “never leave the playground”.  One of the influences of training in parkour is that I’ve gotten in the habit of viewing all urban landscapes as playgrounds.  Running around with young kids also helps me to get into the play mindset.  I also think this is an example of the principle that what some people do on weekends is what we’ll all do during the week in ten years.  Active living is by far the cheapest and most effective way to stay fit and lose weight.

Check out Stephen’s new website,  Like me he believes in lifetime fitness, calisthenics, and body weight exercises , but Stephen layers on a level of coordination which is well beyond my (current) skills.

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