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Reading list for Associates and Analysts in private equity and venture capital

This is part of a series on building your career in venture capital:

Whenever we recruit someone new to join Versatile VC, at any level and in any capacity, I tell them:


I first recommend you join the most relevant online communities for you, since building a network is so fundamental to VC. Good places to start are Confluence and GenZMafia. I’ve listed below other communities focused on VC, and suggest you also look for the other most relevant online communities for your particular industries and geographies of interest. (We keep a proprietary list of high-value online communities, but I can’t post it publicly here in order to keep a high signal-to-noise ratio.)

I suggest you also consider the steps below. I list here programs/degrees for people studying VC; all of the major VC organizations including those focused on diversity; and other professional training for investors.

Consider joining the major VC associations and online communities:

In particular, you may want to join some of the VC organizations focused on diversity:

Read other introductory investor resources:

Get invites to exclusive events, jobs, and research.

Consider getting formal training in serving on boards:

Earn one of the programs/degrees targeted to help private equity/VC investors:

Consider other relevant professional training: 

Other general early-career resources we recommend:

I have a posted a lot of my favorite books on Goodreads, but there are a few books I particularly recommend for people who want to work efficiently:

Lastly, I suggest use Feedly to follow the newsletters/media which cover our sector. I have posted my old personal blogroll.

Further reading:

Get invites to exclusive events and research.