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Teach your computer to read your mind

InteraXon, a leader in thought controlled computing and a ffVC portfolio company, launched an Indiegogo campaign today to support production of Muse, a multi-sensor brainwave measuring headband. For the last year, InteraXon has been deep in development of Muse, which will allow users to see how their brain is performing in real time, to play games with their mind, and, eventually, to control devices. With applications ranging from education to stress relief, Muse has the potential to seriously disrupt the way we interact with technology.  (Indiegogo is also an ff company.)

In the long run, keyboards will go away, and so will microphones…this is the future.

Muse will come bundled with InteraXon’s first application—a system to help users develop a healthier, more productive mind with exercises targeting mental, emotional, and intellectual capabilities, a.k.a., a “Brain Trainer”.  Why is seeing your brainwaves important?  Just as a heart-rate monitor helps you decide how to adjust your physical activity in response to physiological metrics, a brainwave monitor helps you adjust mental activity in response to cognitive measurements. In addition to the company’s own app, InteraXon has developed a sophisticated SDK so that anyone can tap into this slick technology.

Interaxon has set an ambitious target of $800,000 for the campaign. If they succeed, it will be one of the largest in Indiegogo’s history (the Tesla Museum holds the current record at $1.3 million). There are discounts on the headband for the first 2 days for those lucky enough to claim them. The campaign is off to a promising start.

(1) Check out the Indiegogo page.
(2) if you like the idea of understanding your mind better, or simply moving objects with it, then support the campaign; but
(3) most importantly, if you like the campaign,please share this with your network and on Twitter, Facebook, G+ etc. as I really would like to get the word out this weekend.  To tweet about the Muse campaign click here

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  1. RoyFortin says

    You may want to visit this site too

  2. Dani Cullimore says

    Hi David – Thank you so much for sharing our Indiegogo campaign with your readers — we’re really excited with the response, both in the media and with donations to Muse so far. If readers would keep up with what we’re doing, the sign up for our newsletter here:
    — Dani, on behalf of the InteraXon team.